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Pudding is delicious, easy to use, suitable for all business models. 


Powder dissolves well (dissolves quickly, no lumps) 

The structure is soft and smooth, does not separate water 

Eye-catching natural color, no water retention when coagulating 

Natural fatty aroma Fast convenience 

Stability quality 5 attractive flavors: egg, strawberry, anchovy, melon, chocolate 


Make toppings for drinks

Sumi Egg Flavored Pudding Powder

  • Ingredient

    ​Vegetable cream powder, refined sugar, Dextrose Monohydrate, maltose sugar, synthetic flavoring agent, stable astringency,...

  • Pack

    ​1 kg/package, 12 packs/carton

  • Expiry

    18 months

Magisea strawberry
Magisea nguyên liệu pha chế
Magisea melon

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