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Specialized powder for blended iced drinks, cookies, smoothies, etc. This is an indispensable product when preparing drinks, because it helps make drinks smoother. In particular, when mixed with ice, it will limit stratification, separation, and melting of ice during use. 


Prevents stratification, creates viscosity, creates shine for crushed ice cups, Increase economic efficiency with low utilization rate. 

Humidity ≤ 5%, can be preserved for a long time after opening the bag 

Convenient zipper bag 


Used to prepare drinks

Frappe Silver Barismate Powder

  • Ingredient

    ​Vegetable cream powder, dextrose, milk powder, modified starch, stabilizer, prescribed anti-caking agent, Vanilla flavor.

  • Pack

    ​1 kg/package, 20 packs/carton

  • Expiry

    12 months

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Magisea nguyên liệu pha chế
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