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Prepared ingredients

100ml Oolong Milk Tea

Oolong Tea

Hazelnut Syrup 30gr

Caramel Pearls

Implementation steps

Step 1: Prepare milk tea

Step 2: Add Caramel pearls, ice cubes and pour milk tea into the glass

Step 3: Add 20ml of tea juice to the surface of the cup

Instructions for making milk tea

Soak 1 tea bag in 600ml of boiling water

Stir well for 30 seconds and brew the tea for 15 minutes

Take the tea bag out, add 50gr of sugar and 100gr of vegetable fat cream powder, stir to dissolve the mixture

Add 400g of ice, stir to dissolve, pour milk tea into an ice glass, add fruit and enjoy cold

Store in the refrigerator and use within 3 days.


Address: 716/32 Truong Chinh, Tan Hung Thuan Ward, District 12, City. HCM


Hotline: +84 902 915 465

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